From contracts and proposals to offer letters and invoices, you’ll always need documents for work. But the last thing you need is for those documents to make work complicated. The traditional workflows that come with Word documents and PDFs are costly, in terms of both money and time. In any given organization, there are multiple departments working with dozens of documents, involving hundreds of document authors and collaborators.

That’s thousands of documents created each year. Tens of thousands of individual steps in document workflows. Hundreds of thousands of hours spent working in these documents. Millions of dollars in total man hours — hours that should be spent doing the real, meaningful work you signed up to do.

That’s where Octiv can help. Our Unified Document Workflow (UDW) delivers a streamlined document creation and management experience, giving you back the time you need to do what matters most — your job. Here’s how:

We bring documents to life. The recipe is simple:

  1. A native HTML5 template
  2. A repository for content and assets
  3. Seamless integrations with your applications and tools
  4. A workflow for creating, populating or assembling the document
  5. The internet

A UDW establishes standardization across departments by 1) tying together consistently branded and curated content in a single template, and 2) ensuring transparent engagement among document authors, collaborators and approvers — who are all working from that single template.

The result? Simpler processes for your company, increased productivity for your teams, a better end-user experience for your customers, and more time for you to do work. Your real work. Not the “spending hundreds of thousands of hours in documents” kind of work. Let us take that off your hands so you can take back your time.

Are you ready for a document workflow that actually works? Everything you need to know about UDW can be found in our whitepaper. Download it now.