Sales Productivity for Sophisticated Companies

Transform the way your sales assets are created, distributed and tracked around the world. Because a better sales process is a better buying experience.

The Octiv sales productivity platform revolutionizes connection and collaboration across the sales software ecosystem, redefining what's possible for sales teams everywhere.


Connected Data

Unify your sales tech stack.

Octiv integrates with CRM, CPQ and other systems, providing a more complete view of buyer insights — because clearer insights better data yields better smarter decisions.

connected-processes-icon Connected Processes

Connected Processes

Build workflows that actually work.

Octiv’s logic-based workflows help streamline the creation and distribution of presentations, proposals, quotes and contracts — because processes should work for people, not the other way around.

connected-people-icon Connected People

Connected People

Know what matters to people.

Octiv’s analytics and alerts track your customers’ engagement and interaction with sales assets — because knowing what matters to customers helps build stronger relationships.

Since we've used Octiv, the reps can handle contracts from start to finish now because it's all in one place. When a contract isn't in Octiv it's done right — and if it's not done in Octiv, it doesn't happen. No other company can do the kinds of thing Octiv does for us.

Adam ClaypoolDirector of Sales Operations and Analytics at G/O Digital

Now, it’s just a click of a button. I can do it from a mobile app (Salesforce1) and look at the contract. I don’t have to wait a long time for it to be sent to the office. I click a button and [Octiv] generates all the necessary documents we need to send to the client.

Gary GalvinCEO and President at Galvin Technologies

From a marketing standpoint, it's helped us maintain brand consistency. We're creating cover letters with the same messaging, branded assets that can be personalized, and presenting salespeople with a way to be creative without spending hours.

Michelle Vasko-SparksDirector of Business Development and Marketing at Relevant Solutions

Octiv made a huge splash to our customers, because no one was expecting it. It's a more modern way to do business — our customers expect an online experience.

Elizabeth HardmanDirector of Business Solutions at Lindamood Bell

We've dramatically reduced the number of steps for generating a document in Salesforce and then delivering via DocuSign.

Matt GvazdinskasDirector of Salesforce Platform Team at Zirmed

The sales team was blown away by the tracking capabilities, and adoption was instant.

Michael CraftonCEO at 360 Services

Octiv helps our sales teams create proposals in just minutes, and now with DocuSign, customers can sign in minutes as well. It’s taken our entire sales process online and made it easy from start to finish.

Jocelyn DavéProduct Marketing Manager at DoubleDutch

Because Octiv integrates so well with Salesforce, our reps can create and send documents in just minutes. Octiv makes it easy for our reps to live in Salesforce every day.

Sta's DaszkiewiczSenior Salesforce Administrator at Angie's List

G/O Digital
Galvin Technologies
Relevant Solutions
Lindamood Bell
360 Services
Angie's List

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