This is an excerpt from our 17 Top Sales Trends for 2017.

The theme of education and training is hard to ignore, but sales enablement is an especially important element of preparing sales teams to become more successful. By focusing on the tools salespeople need to conduct engaging and productive conversations with decision-makers and stakeholders, sales leaders can prepare even the most inexperienced sales professionals to move prospects smoothly through the sales process.

headshot “My vision for next year is that technology will continue to boom, but I believe that organizations are going to go back to the basics on training and the process of enablement.”
Sarah Fricke | Business Partner, Sales Operations at CEB

“One of the projects we are working through at CEB is going through the technology we provide our staff, and making sure we also provide process that enables the team to use that technology. We are also working on coaching that embeds the process, so when our team is actually on the phone with someone, they have the confidence to use all tools at their disposal.”

What next?

There can sometimes be a downside to the abundance of data now available to salespeople: not everyone knows exactly how to make the most of it. That makes enablement a must, especially for younger sales reps early in their careers. “Millennials are used to having a lot of information but they’re used to that information being in their phones. They’re not necessarily used to having to present that information,” Fricke said. “As we introduce more technology, we also do the work to teach them how to use it.”

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