This is an excerpt from our 17 Top Sales Trends for 2017.

Tech that helps salespeople personalize communication is just part of the solution. But salespeople must be taught how to use tech effectively, and to let go of bad habits that push prospects away rather than bring them in closer.

Sales leaders who encourage their teams to address prospects with volume rather than precision are beginning to lose traction. It’s got to stop.

headshot “It’s the end of arming the most junior-level reps with a megaphone and allowing them to shout out their idea of the company’s value prop.”
Derek Grant | Vice President of Sales at SalesLoft

“The modern seller is looking at each email as an opportunity to deliver a personal touch to their buyer,” he said. “They find quality over quantity to be the thing that drives their success.”

Instead of trying to reach every prospect, Grant believes salespeople – especially those early in their careers – must spend time conducting deep research on a number of potential customers and their needs. “One of the important things to consider is that a sales rep oftentimes knows less about the subject than the person they’re calling,” said Grant.

What next?

Teaching salespeople to focus on deep research isn’t easy; but with the right guidance and onboarding programs, even early-stage sales professionals can succeed. “It’s really hard to ask the right, tough, deep and meaningful questions,” said Grant. “The takeaway here would be deeply knowing your customers. And I think on some level that speaks to pre-call research which can be used to personalize the message.”

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