Build data-driven documents using opportunities, leads or contacts from your Salesforce account right from Octiv. Our integration with Salesforce brings the power of a CRM to our simple and efficient document-building process. You can drive data into a document using objects in Salesforce and associate content with products to create documents quickly.

Octiv’s integration with Salesforce supports the following versions:

  • Unlimited
  • Enterprise
  • Professional

If needed, contact Global Support to have this integration enabled, then, as a Salesforce Administrator, follow these steps to connect your accounts:

  1. Log into the Salesforce account with which you wish to install Octiv
  2. To begin the package installation in a production Salesforce org, click hereTo begin the package installation in a sandbox Salesforce org, click here. Sandbox environments are currently supported for this integration. If you are interested in setting up an Octiv sandbox to connect to a sandbox Salesforce org, please contact Global Support.
  3. Choose security settings for the package (we recommend Install for All Users)
  4. Click Install in the bottom-right of the content area
  5. After the installation is complete, click Setup in the upper-right corner of the screen
  6. Use the Quick find / Search bar to search for “Custom Settings”
  7. Under Build, select Custom Settings
  8. Click Manage next to the label Octiv
  9. Click the topmost New button
  10. In the Company URL field, add your company’s Octiv domain (for example: Leave Use HTTPS checked
  11. Click Save


Now that you’ve installed the Octiv managed package, you can link the Salesforce org to your Octiv environment. Once this connection has been established, you will be able to utilize the Octiv directly within Salesforce.

Follow these steps to establish a connection between Salesforce and Octiv environments:

  1. Open a browser tab and log into your Salesforce account
  2. Open a second tab and log into your Octiv account
  3. In Octiv, navigate to the Administration page from your user dropdown menu
  4. Click Integrations
  5. Select Salesforce
  6. Click the Connect Salesforce button – if you are connecting to a Salesforce Sandbox environment, click Sandbox on the right before connecting the accounts

A green checkmark icon will appear next to the Salesforce logo to indicate a successful connection. You can verify that Octiv is connected to the desired Salesforce environment by noting the Salesforce Organization ID that also appears at the top of this page.

If things didn’t go as planned, contact Global Support.

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