Note: This article assumes that you have already created a custom lookup relationship between the Octiv Documents object and your new launching object. If you haven’t done this, reference this article.

While Octiv automatically creates buttons for the Opportunity, Account, Case, Contact, and Lead objects, you can create custom buttons for any object in Salesforce in order to easily launch documents off of that object.

In order to do this, follow the instructions below.

Note: For adding buttons to the Opportunity, Account, Case, Contact, or Lead objects, reference this article.

Creating an Octiv Button

The two buttons you can add to objects are the New Document button and the Add Existing Document button.

  • A New Document button creates an Octiv document and links the newly created document to the launching object
  • An Add Existing Document button attaches an Octiv Document to an object other than the one from which it was originally created

To create these buttons:

For a custom object

  • Enter Salesforce setup by going to Setup => Create => Objects => Your Launching Object
    • Navigate to the Buttons, Links, and Actions section
    • Click New Button or Link and proceed to step 1

For a Salesforce standard object:

  • Enter Salesforce setup by going to Setup => Customize => Your Launching Object => Buttons and Links
  • Click New Button or Link and proceed to step 1
  1. Assign the Label, Name, and Description for your button. These instructions use two example suggestions for the Label (New Document and Add Existing Document), but you can name the button whatever you want.
    • Label: the text a user will see on the button
    • Name: automatically populated with text from the Label field as soon as you click out of the Label field. This can be customized if desired
    • Description: a note for other Salesforce Admins about what this button does
  2. Set Display Type to Detail Page Button.
  3. Set Behavior to Display in existing window without sidebar
  4. Set Content Source to URL
  5. Input the following text into the editor, replacing LAUNCHING_OBJECT with the object you’re launching from (for example, Quote):
    • For the New Document button: /apex/tinderbox__create_document?sObjectType=LAUNCHING_OBJECT&recordId={!LAUNCHING_OBJECT.Id}
    • For the Add Existing Document button: /apex/tinderbox__add_document?sObjectType=LAUNCHING_OBJECT&recordId={!LAUNCHING_OBJECT.Id}
  6. Click Save

Note: the use of “tinderbox” in the Apex string (step #8) is correct.

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