You can create search operators while using the advanced search bar to filter documents and assets. Click on hyperlinks throughout the user interface, or type them into the advanced search bar with a colon after the filter (for example, author: Jane Doe).

Make sure you also enter the search operator before your search term.

You can use the following search operators:

  • author:
  • type: (proposal, proposal templates, image, content, etc.)
  • status: (accepted, draft, declined, open)
  • client:
  • tag:
  • owner:
  • updated:
  • name:
  • viewed:
  • value:
  • archived:

For search operators related to numerical values (updated, value), any number and interval will work—for example, updated: < 1 day ago or updated: < 8 hours ago. Be sure to use this format with proper spacing. You won’t get far with something like updated<2 days ago.

You can also use exact dates, such as updated: March 5 or updated: March 5th. 

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