Octiv’s Theme Builder allows you to add a personal touch and apply your company’s custom brand to your Documents. You get to the Theme Builder by clicking Administration/Themes. There you find default theme options, each of which is customizable. Click one of these—or any Theme you’ve already created—to edit. Make your Theme selections using the tools on the right side of the page and see a preview of your choices on the left side of the page. Click “Save” to save the selections.

Once you’ve opened a Theme, you’ll be in the Basic Theme editor- we suggest you start here. If you need to apply more advanced settings, click “Show Advanced” to see more Theme editor options. Here’s an overview of the customization options you’ll find.

A Note on Colors

You can define colors in Theme Builder through color sliders, RGB values, or Hex color codes. If your company has defined brand standards, you should be able to find Hex codes or RGB values for your company’s exact colors. If you don’t have easy access to those brand assets, use the Inspect Element or Developer Tools feature in your web browser to find the Hex code of any styled element on your website. An admin can define up to 3 additional custom colors that become available when documents use a specific theme. Users can now select one of the custom colors if the default color palette does not meet their needs.


From the Logo tab you can upload an image and choose its position; you can also upload an image to use as a favicon.


The Buttons tab enables you to edit the primary, secondary, and highlights button colors as well as the button labels. You can choose the light or dark option for when a mouse hovers over a button.

In “Show Advanced” view you can further customize specific buttons and the document sidebar.


From the Content tab, you can choose your fonts and the color of your text, headings, and links.

In “Show Advanced” view you can further customize your headers, paragraph text, links, and tables.


Within Layout, you have the options to edit the color of the document title, document header, page title, and page title bar. You can also choose a light or dark hover option for the page title bar.


Your Background options include

  • Background color and image
  • Size and position of background image
  • Whether the image repeats vertically, horizontally, as tiles, or not at all


Customize your PDF within the PDF tab by adding a background image (think: cover page images or letter header to style the PDF) and by selecting the size, orientation, margins, and header and footer. You can also set and edit your Table of Contents.

To add a PDF cover page background:

  • Upload a jpg or png image that is 8.5 x 11 images and 150 dpi. The uploaded image will cover the whole background of the PDF cover page

To add a standard PDF page background:

  • Upload a jpg or png image that is 8.5 x 11 images and 150 dpi. The uploaded image will cover the whole background of the standard PDF page.

In “Show Advanced” view you can further customize the header, footer, and margins.


From the Login tab, you can:

  • Add an image for a logo. (There is no limit to the file size; however, we recommend using an image size of 300 x 200 pixels.)
  • Edit logo background.
  • Add an image for a background image. (There’s no limit to the file size. We recommend using an image size of 1920 x 1080 pixels.)
  • Edit page background.
  • Edit text font, size, and weight (or boldness).
  • Edit the Right Panel and its button label.
  • Edit the Login button and its button label.

Branded Emails

Colors and logos from the selected document’s Theme will be used to style the outgoing emails and notifications. Within the Theme Builder three areas affect the output of your emails:

  • The image Logo becomes the image within your emails.
  • The Document Header color becomes the background color within your emails.
  • The Accept Button color is used for any links or buttons in your emails.

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