A Digital Business Card is an easier way to access key contact information from within your Octiv document.

Octiv uses Digital Business Cards to pull in social profile information and photos for all document recipients. The process saves you time and ensures you always have the most up-to-date contact information in one location. You get a complete and organized view of contact information for everyone involved in a deal, and you get powerful customer insights.

Octiv automatically pulls in available public data from the Internet. We grab it from hundreds of public websites and social networks. But we steer clear of private data, which is privileged contact information not disclosed without explicit permission.

Check out our privacy policy for more detail.

Your contact data and your contact record are yours. There is an easy way to manage what information others are able to see about you online. All you have to do is claim your contact information. From this secure site, you are able to manage your online identity and even opt out entirely.

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