As your documents move through the process, you’ll see one of four statuses for each:

  • A Draft is an unpublished version of the document, and you can edit a draft to your heart’s content.
  • When you publish your document, its status becomes Open. It’s ready to go to recipients, and you can track activity as those recipients view the document. Your ability to edit, though, is limited from here on out. You can edit only the following:
    • Client
    • Owner
    • Value
    • Expiration date
    • CRM Integration ID (if applicable)
    • Privacy settings
    • Document Options

While in an Open state, the status can be manually updated to Declined if no action is taken by the recipient or to Accepted if a wet signature has been received in place of an esignature. To do this, click the status bar on the Properties tab to reveal the “Mark as Accepted and Upload Wet Signature” option. This will prompt you to select the signed PDF file from your device. Once complete, the document status is updated to Accepted and the uploaded file is associated to the Download Document option.

  • An Accepted document is as advertised: One that your client has approved. You can still email it, view tracking data, and make the limited edits above.
  • For any document that your client reviews and rejects, you see a Declined status You can still email it, view tracking data, and make the limited edits above. 

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