All row and column groups are summarized automatically

  • To turn off a group summary, right-click any heading in the group and select Delete Row Summary or Delete Column Summary from the context menu. To reapply the summary, right-click the heading and select Add Row Summary or Add Column Summary. Note: The Delete Summary option is available only for the outermost group on either axis (that is, either the outermost row group or the outermost column group).
  • To select the summary function and data format for a measure, right-click the measure label and select from the context menu. Note that you can’t change the summary function on custom fields that calculate percents (Percent of Total, Percent of Column Group Parent, and Percent of Row Group Parent).
  • The summary functions for numeric fields are Sum, Average, Maximum, Minimum, Distinct Count, and Count All. Distinct Count is the number of different items in the row or column; Count All is the total number of items. For instance, if there are 3 widgets of type A and 3 widgets of type B, Distinct Count is 2 and Count All is 6.

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