Before Octiv, DoubleDutch had an inconsistent proposal process. With Octiv, the proposal process is completely online and the sales team created more than 100 proposals in an hour.

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By helping event organizers and marketers to optimize events as easily as optimizing a website, DoubleDutch delivers engaging attendee experiences and provides valuable event insight with real-time analytics. With DoubleDutch, the world’s most popular conferences and corporate events have introduced a new level of interaction for their attendees and revenue-generating opportunities for exhibitors.

The Problem

The fast-growing company identified a disconnect between its cutting-edge mobile app platform and its sales process. With a sales team that has grown by 100 percent over the past year, DoubleDutch needed an innovative sales proposal solution as agile, connected and intuitive as the product its sales team sold.

But, not every sales professional used the template correctly, said Jocelyn Davé, product marketing manger at DoubleDutch. This resulted in major inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the process. Because some sales team members had trouble using the template, it would take as many as three hours to generate a single proposal. “It was all over the place,” she said. “Our sales teams used a Microsoft Word template with highlighted fields.”

“People simply stopped sending proposals,” said Davé. “Instead, they’d send an email with pricing information and attachments.” With fewer proposals being sent and no way to track the ones that were, DoubleDutch had to transform the way it created and delivered proposals in order to scale its process to meet the rapid growth in demand for its product.

The Solution

Jocelyn began searching for a hassle-free way to move the sales proposal process entirely online, with emphasis on selection criteria like ease of use and a short training period. “There are 80 reps and only one of me,” she said, “I needed something that would be easy for everyone to use quickly.” She placed particular importance on seamless integration with their CRM, Salesforce.

She turned to a DoubleDutch sales director for advice on proposal solutions. “He’d worked with several proposal solutions, but suggested Octiv because it looked easy to use and had a great aesthetic,” she said. “Because we pride ourselves on the appearance of our product, we wanted something that delivered an impressive presentation of our brand.”

The sales team at DoubleDutch needed a solution that made proposal creation and delivery fast, simple and powerful. “Octiv makes it so easy to format documents, you don’t even have to think about it. Using themes ensures that our branding stays consistent – and from a marketing perspective, that’s important,” remarked Jocelyn. The team was also impressed by the ability to track how long a prospect viewed every page of the proposal, and receive email and text message notifications every time a document was opened.

The implementation process took just over two weeks from first call to launch. Getting sales professionals up and running on Octiv was easy. “One of our sales reps in Amsterdam asked for a login and figured out how to integrate Octiv and Salesforce, with no training at all. That shows ultimate ease of use.”

I helped one of our sales reps get set up through Salesforce, and he created 13 proposals in a single hour. That’s one proposal every 4.6 minutes!

Jocelyn Davé

Product Marketing Manager


DoubleDutch's Octiv Screenshot

The Result

“The third month of the quarter is the biggest month for any organization, and we wanted to send as many proposals as we possibly could to speed up the sales cycle, reinvigorate the conversation and close more deals,” said Jocelyn. She and the DoubleDutch sales team came up with a way to get the most out of Octiv right away: throw a proposal party complete with sales incentives and critical end-of-quarter timing.

“We got our two mid-market teams into a room, ordered pizza and offered $100 to the two people who generated the most proposals,” Jocelyn said. Just minutes after completing Octiv training, the sales teams were ready to compete for the prize, and the results were nearly instant.

The hour-long party yielded 108 proposals, helping the sales team engage more prospects and gain a significant end-of-quarter advantage, while setting them up for success in the next quarter.

“It was a really successful hour,” she said. “Thanks to the proposal party we closed two deals in just the next week, and the party got the team excited about using Octiv. They have more confidence when they send proposals; they love the way they look and customization is so much easier.”

With a sales cycle averaging just over two months, DoubleDutch has accelerated its time to close with Octiv. One sales team member closed a deal in just two days once Octiv Propose was implemented.

After DoubleDutch experienced the efficiency and effectiveness of an online sales process, they decided to add electronic signature tool DocuSign to their sales technology stack. Giving their customers the ability to sign proposals and contracts anywhere, from any device, as provided even more time savings and accelerated the sales cycle.

“Octiv helps our sales teams create proposals in just minutes, and now with DocuSign, customers can sign in minutes as well,” said Jocelyn. “It’s taken our entire sales process online and made it easy from start to finish.”

“DoubleDutch is disrupting an industry with an entirely new way to optimize and measure event performance through mobile, and we have built a world-class sales team to help customers bring this vision to life. Now with Octiv, we can extend our passion for technology and optimization to our sales process by giving our team an online tool that enables them to create and deliver unique proposals in minutes, instead of hours, and close deals faster.”

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