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Before Octiv, the 360 Services sales team took 45 minutes to assemble proposals. With Octiv, the process takes 15 minutes from start to finish.

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360 Services is a growing company specializing in exhaust cleaning, fire protection and mechanical services. Founded in 2005, the company is an innovator in its industry, favoring more modern methods for communicating with clients. 360 Services also employs a mobile workforce, equipping its field reps with tablets to create proposals and orders.

360 Services needed a proposal and sales document solution that would work seamlessly with its CRM, allow its mobile workforce to access and deliver documents in the field, and increase proposal accuracy and speed. To generate new proposals, sales reps used old proposals created in Microsoft Word, changed the company name and manually added photos to personalize the documents. The process was time-consuming and left room for human error.

“The process was horribly inefficient,” said Michael Crafton, owner of 360 Services. “We couldn’t track when customers opened and read documents, and sometimes we lost track of leads.” In addition to losing leads, inaccurate proposals sometimes made their way to prospects.

The Problem

Michael Crafton wanted to increase the trackability, speed and accuracy of proposals and contracts to grow 360 Services’ business. He also wanted to establish 360 Services as an innovative brand by using technology to engage customers.

Crafton’s ultimate goal is to become a change agent in his industry by accelerating and modernizing the sales and proposal process. “We want to help our customers become more innovative,” he said.

The Solution

Before the implementation process, the sales team was initially skeptical. After a hands-on training session, however, Crafton says the team members were impressed.

The implementation process itself went off without a hitch: 360 Services implemented the solution in the morning and sales reps started sending proposals out of Octiv that afternoon. “We had an amazing experience and would recommend Octiv to anyone,” said Crafton. “We implemented six different apps within our company in 2013. Octiv by far set us up for the most success.”

After implementation, the sales team at 360 Services was impressed by how easy it was to receive support from Octiv. “Ninety-nine percent of the time when I reach out to support,” Crafton said, “it’s for ideas on how to use Octiv. I’ve already appreciated the support response.”

The sales team now uses Octiv to create branded proposals for prospects. “It’s unbelievably easy—the easiest part of the process,” said Crafton. “People comment on the personalization of the proposals and are impressed that we’ve created something tailor-made just for them.” 360 Services has also adopted a new word to refer to their proposals: “We call them Octives.”

Octiv has been fantastic. The team has a better grasp on proposals, the information for our deals is available indefinitely, and it’s helped us become more organized—even our non-sales staff. Our sales team can get more deals done.

Michael Crafton


360 Services

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The Result

Since adopting Octiv, 360 Services has seen an increase in the number of proposals its sales team generates. The team saves time and accuracy has improved significantly.

360 Services has offices across five states, and Crafton relies on Octiv to help him manage from afar with better insights into the pipelines of his sales teams. At any time, he can check on the number and status of proposals sent to prospects at any of the five locations. Crafton stays informed through visibility provided by Octiv’s tracking tool—it’s always working, even when he and his salespeople are not.

“Initially, I fell in love with the product more for the presentation than the tracking, until we started to use it,” Crafton said. “The sales team was blown away by the tracking capabilities, and adoption was instant.”

After the first three months of using Octiv to create, deliver and track proposals, 360 Services was able to cut its proposals creation time from an average of 45 minutes to just 15 minutes: a 69 percent decrease in document creation time. Saving this much time enables sales reps to serve more clients and close more deals.

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