TinderBox Rebrands as Octiv, Introduces Platform to Solve Complex Sales Productivity Challenges

Octiv sparks new era of sales productivity by streamlining workflows that better connect data, processes and people to drive growth.

Indianapolis, Ind. (July 18, 2016) — TinderBox, a leading provider of sales productivity solutions, has announced that it has changed its brand identity to Octiv. The sales technology ecosystem is gaining traction and mindshare in mid to large enterprises, but the market for sales software is still extremely fragmented and ill-defined. Octiv’s platform streamlines complex sales workflows by connecting critical data sources, tools and customers.

Octiv helps sophisticated sales and marketing teams improve how sales documents and assets are created, distributed and tracked – all within one platform. Octiv leverages data from systems such as CRM, CPQ and ERP to automate document workflows, and enables users to gain valuable visibility into buyer behavior and interactions with sales assets and documents. Companies such as Angie’s List, Egencia (formerly Orbitz for Business), Siemens and G/O Digital work with Octiv to power more flexible and efficient sales processes.

“We see companies continue to make investments in sales technology, but fail to realize the benefits and impact they expected,” said Dustin Sapp, CEO of Octiv. “Many sales technologies can’t address the challenges and opportunities present within a progressive organization’s sales workflow. Octiv enables companies to transform and streamline workflows that make a greater impact on productivity. We’re giving salespeople an advantage over their competitors by helping them measure the effectiveness of their sales documents online.”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are more than 4 million non-retail salespeople in the U.S. alone and sales expenses represent one of the most significant costs for companies of all sizes. The market for sales technology has exploded in the past few years, driven by businesses testing the tools that will dramatically change their sales activities.

“Sales tech is following the same trajectory as marketing tech and becoming a ‘must-have’ for sales and marketing teams. Companies like Octiv that provide a single platform to connect crucial touch points in the sales workflow will define the new era in sales tech,” said Scott Dorsey, Octiv chairman and managing partner of High Alpha.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., TinderBox was founded in 2010 by Dustin Sapp, Kristian Andersen and Mike Fitzgerald. Its reimagined brand identity and introduction of its sales productivity platform follows double digit revenue growth over the last year. The internal staff also has grown by 30 percent this year, led by leadership additions including Shannon Bradley, VP of Client Health; John Ludwig, CFO; Colin Lobo, Senior Director of Product Engineering; John Kwiatkowski, VP of Enterprise Sales; Samantha Haddad-Foster, Talent; Scott Cramer, Director of Inside Sales.

Comments on the News:

“Through our relationship with TinderBox, we are able to utilize workflows that improve productivity, offer consistency, ease of use and reliability to our internal teams and our customers,” said Justin Smith, Director of Sales Enablement at Siemens. “With its new identity, the team at Octiv is demonstrating a commitment to offering a world-class customer experience for its most mature enterprise customers.”

“When it comes to thinking of ways to serve a market as challenging as ours, we can’t just think outside the box. There is no box. Octiv offers the creative collaboration we need to keep our customers happy,” said Michelle Vasko-Sparks, Director of Business Development and Marketing, Relevant Solutions.

“Our relationship with [Octiv] made it possible for us to scale our sales team, and drastically increase efficiency in our sales process,” said Josh Mayes, Enterprise Technology, Angie’s List.

About Octiv

Octiv provides a document generation platform designed to create efficiencies in creating documents like proposals, quotes, contracts, presentations and more. Octiv integrates data from back-office systems to streamline workflows, save time and accelerate the document creation and delivery process. Founded in 2010, Octiv services more than 300 organizations including enterprises such as General Electric and Siemens, and high-growth companies such as Lindamood-Bell and G/O Digital. To learn more, visit octiv.com.

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