Octiv Unveils New Contracting Capabilities to Provide Businesses with Significant Efficiencies

Release of expanded platform API and advanced integrations enables touchless contracting for enterprises

INDIANAPOLIS (April 6, 2017) — Octiv, a leading provider of document workflow solutions, released today touchless contracting capabilities aimed at providing enterprises with significant efficiencies. The company also announced its expanded platform API to provide developers advanced integrations with back-office systems.

With touchless contracting, Octiv customers can leverage data from a wide range of back-office systems to generate accurate contracts, all without requiring legal changes before final delivery. The result is a contracting workflow that requires fewer interactions from fewer parties, accelerating business and closing deals faster.

Expanded Platform API with Advanced Integration Capabilities

The Octiv RESTful API, which now auto-updates and includes additional elements like tasks and users, offers developers the opportunity to build next-generation functionality directly into their applications through integration with the Octiv platform. While developers previously had to call the Octiv API repeatedly to receive updates on document activity or engage with Octiv to provide the necessary API calls, the expansion now allows developers to do the following:

  • Generate documents using data from back-office systems
  • Manage and create Octiv users and assets from internally built IT systems
  • Gather reporting information for business intelligence applications
  • Configure WebHooks to post data back to various business systems like CRM or ERP

“Octiv’s goal is to help companies streamline their workflows by integrating as seamlessly as possible with their existing tech stacks,” said David Kerr, chief executive officer at Octiv. “We’re proud to lead the market in advanced integrations. The more time companies can save by unifying their workflow processes, the more effective they can become at doing business.”

Octiv recently recognized an opportunity to rethink how businesses approach documents and released its updated document generation process. With Octiv, companies can now build and automate document workflows that connect systems and data to deliver a better end-user experience. Octiv’s technology allows sales teams mobile-first customer interactions, real-time redlining for legal teams to get contracts negotiated and signed, and quick and accurate delivery of offer letters for human resources teams. It also enables cross-department teams to work together and create dynamic documents. As a result, companies experience significant improvements in overall efficiency, saving as many as a year’s worth of man hours over the course of six months.

Octiv Incorporates WebHooks

In addition to the improved interactive API interface and expanded Octiv API endpoints, Octiv has also added WebHooks, a user-defined post back over HTTPS. This allows users of add-on or Web applications to send alerts after certain events. For example, users of a remote application could receive custom alerts when a document has been published or accepted.

Upcoming product enhancements include:

  • Preview PDF page breaks:
    Previewing page breaks saves users time by eliminating the need to download a PDF to see where breaks fall.
  • Landscape pages:
    Users can now accommodate content that doesn’t fit on a portrait page, providing a wider range of options to present documents.
  • Modern document sizes:
    Thanks to a new editing pane, users can now create documents in a more accurate digital representation of an 8.5-by-11 piece of paper.
  • Versioning templates:
    New versioning templates allow users to create new documents without duplicating and archiving existing templates.

To learn more about the Octiv platform, to go octiv.com/platform.

About Octiv

Octiv provides a document generation platform designed to create efficiencies in creating documents like proposals, quotes, contracts, presentations and more. Octiv integrates data from back-office systems to streamline workflows, save time and accelerate the document creation and delivery process. Founded in 2010, Octiv services more than 300 organizations including enterprises such as General Electric and Siemens, and high-growth companies such as Lindamood-Bell and G/O Digital. To learn more, visit octiv.com.

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