The Case for Digital Redlining

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The Case for Digital Redlining

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Octiv’s next-generation contracting solution provides convenient and secure access to a public version of the document that can be reviewed and collaborated on by multiple parties in real time. It also allows users to automatically maintain a complete history of document versions and changes.

Unlike other solutions, the entire redlining process takes place inside the digital Octiv document, eliminating the need to email different versions of the document to multiple parties. Octiv offers a level of collaboration and visibility into the status of a contract that no other solution on the market provides.

Key Capabilities:

  • Perform document changes, negotiation and versioning entirely online.
  • Know what changes were done, when and by whom.
  • Accept or Reject Proposed Changes
  • Multiple users can add, edit, reply or delete comments on the change request in real time.
  • Real-time collaboration between multiple parties
  • Ensure all parties are following the process with real-time emails and in-app alerts.
  • Every version is tracked and saved automatically.
  • Automatically maintain a complete history of different versions of a document.
  • Review differences between multiple versions of a contract and see which person made specific changes, comments and deletions.

Redlining Change Requests

Redlining Change Requests

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