Accelerate the sales process by offering a fast and secure way to sign agreements online. Send secure, compliant and fully branded contracts for eSignature.

Key Capabilities:

Octiv eSignature (simple eSignature)

  • Capture signatures from a single signer
  • Compliant with the eSign Act 2000 and international signature laws
  • For proposals, quotes and light agreements

DocuSign eSignature (Advanced Signer Workflow)

  • Capture signatures from multiple signers
  • Support for countersignature workflows
  • Identify verification
  • Certificate of verification
  • Specified signer routing order
  • Confirmation of a signer’s authority to sign
  • Support for collecting additional information
  • Collecting and processing payments
  • For fully executable and transactional contracts

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Anytime, anywhere, any device

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