Why Octiv & OneLogin

OneLogin's secure Single Sign-On integration with Octiv saves your organization time and money while significantly increasing the security of your data in the cloud. OneLogin simplifies Identity and Access Management (IAM) for a more efficient, secure enterprise, delivering an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution in the cloud trusted by thousands of customers.

Key Capabilities

  • Single Sign-On: OneLogin uses SAML 2.0 to sign users into Octiv, eliminating user-managed passwords and the risk of phishing.

  • User Provisioning: OneLogin automatically creates, updates and deletes users in your Octiv account based on flexible mappings to Octiv.

  • Active Directory Integration: OneLogin is your directory in the cloud. Unify your Active Directory, LDAP, Google Apps and other directories seamlessly in OneLogin.

  • Federation: Rapidly onboard employees to the Octiv platform with any number of federated identity providers.

  • Multi-factor Authentication: Add an extra layer of protection with OneLogin’s free smartphone app or a pre-integrated third-party solution from RSA, SafeNet, Duo Security, Symantec or VASCO.

  • Mobile Identity: OneLogin makes the Octiv platform accessible with a single click on smartphones and tablets.

About OneLogin

OneLogin brings speed and integrity to the modern enterprise with an award-winning Single Sign-On (SSO) and cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. Businesses of all sizes use OneLogin to secure enterprise data, while increasing IT administrator and end users efficiencies. Implementation of our identity management system can be achieved in hours instead of days, delivering a fully featured administrative and self-service portal. Our ability to handle on-premises and cloud/SaaS applications makes us the IAM vendor of choice for the hybrid enterprise. Strong multi-factor authentication, mobile identity management for one-click access on smartphones and tablets and real-time directory synchronization add an extra layer of protection.

For more information about OneLogin, please visit their website.