Why Octiv & Salesforce CRM

Keeping your customer relationship management (CRM) data up-to-date with the latest deal information and generating the most relevant messages to prospects has never been easier. By integrating Octiv and Salesforce CRM, you can automate document creation, trigger post-transaction workflows and receive real-time notifications about deal status. Drive Salesforce adoption, reduce errors and save time/efficiency by using the data that’s already been entered into your Salesforce instance.

Key Capabilities

  • Generate documents using data from any Standard or Custom Object.

  • Configure error-free quotes and pricing tables from Quote, Products, and Pricebooks.

  • Create/deliver documents and presentations as an Octiv document, Word document or PDF.

  • Use Salesforce Approvals to streamline document approval workflows

  • Add contacts from your Salesforce record as document recipients.

  • Update opportunity stages and automatically push information back to Salesforce.

  • View every document related to an Opportunity.

  • Push real-time notifications to Chatter.

  • Increase security and efficiency with SSO and SAML.

  • Gain even deeper tool access through Octiv’s Salesforce Mobile and Lightning readiness.

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About Salesforce CRM

Salesforce, the global CRM leader, empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way.

For more information about Salesforce CRM, please visit their website.