As technology becomes increasingly important in improving the sales process, seamless integrations between tech platforms is essential. For sales, that means a marriage of a CRM (like Pipedrive), a platform for document generation (like Octiv), and an electronic signature solution (like Docusign). Pipedrive, a sales management tool designed for smaller sales teams, teamed up with Octiv to provide sales professionals with a way to simplify the sales process and boost productivity.

Pipedrive’s software is built to create clear visibility around the sales pipeline. Users can easily see the status of a deal and know which action is needed next, all while staying organized and on track to meet priorities.

Octiv only further streamlines the sales cycle for Pipedrive’s customers around the globe. The integration allows sales reps to create all the necessary documents for their deal, request electronic signatures when needed, and provides unlimited storage for everything all in a single platform. On any device, in any location, salespeople can use Octiv’s Pipedrive integration to create accurate and professionally branded presentations, quotes, proposals, and contracts. The automated workflow created by the integration saves salespeople hours of time and effort, and ensures data quality and efficiency.

The key capabilities of the Octiv and Pipedrive integration include:

  • Associate a Pipedrive deal with your Octiv document to auto-populate deal data into your documents.
  • Create and deliver documents and presentations as an Octiv Document or PDF.
  • Fetch contacts from Pipedrive and automatically add them as recipients to your document.
  • Update Pipedrive deal stages and push information back to fields automatically.
  • Support for multiple pipelines with different stages.

360 Services, a growing company specializing in exhaust cleaning, fire protection and mechanical services has greatly enjoyed the Octiv/Pipedrive integration. Their field sales representatives use Octiv to create personalized and error-free proposals for prospects and customers.

“It’s unbelievably easy—the easiest part of the process,” said 360 Services owner Michael Crafton on the proposal creation function of the platform. “People comment on the personalization of the proposals and are impressed that we’ve created something tailor-made just for them.”

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