If you’re a sales professional, information is your most powerful tool. The right bit of contact information, whether it came in through a form on your website, a landing page, networking efforts at a trade show or anywhere else, can be the ticket to the next deal you close.

Because of this, the act of collecting information and the tools you use to do it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here’s how web forms can help keep your information organized, streamline data collection efforts, and improve productivity.

1. Reduce Manual Data Entry With CRM Integration

Salespeople spend a lot of time manually updating information in their CRMs and doing other administrative tasks that don’t involve selling. While entering and updating information manually may be necessary if you have no other option, it takes up time that you could spend on other, more profitable selling activities and is very preventable with the right web form tool.

Modern web form tools offer sophisticated integrations with popular CRMs, allowing salespeople to connect any form and send information automatically to where they need to to go.

2. Offer a Simple, Customizable Way to Collect Information

When you need a tool for a specific sales campaign or event, there isn’t always time to work with your IT or design teams to create a form. Without a user-friendly form builder, you may have no choice but to wait on other teams to get it created. The right web form tool gets you the same results without needing to involve too many teams and slow down your project.

When you need forms for a variety of purposes right away, an easy-to-use form builder is an indispensable tool. Look for form tools that offer drag-and-drop form building abilities and other features like predefined content and multiple design options that make it easier to build great looking forms quickly.

3. Centralize All Data Collection Efforts

Disorganization and clutter are the enemies of proper data collection and they can lead to a stressed, confused work environment. It’s likely you and your sales team already use a number of ways to collect data, but haven’t taken the next step of centralizing all data collection efforts. Having one tool to collect data instead of many ensures that all data is being collected in the same, secure way.

One word of caution with implementing any web form tool: Before fully implementing any form tool for a sales team, make sure there are proper admin controls in place so you can ensure that all web forms match the brand image you want to promote.

4. Enable Smoother Onboarding

Once you’ve started a customer relationship, it’s good to get off on the right foot with a smooth, easy onboarding process. This results in:

  • A better alignment of your services with your client’s needs
  • A better impression of your company as reliable and organized
  • The information you need, delivered in a timely fashion
  • Happier customers and less stressed sales reps

You might never have thought of using web forms for onboarding, but they can be part of an efficient onboarding solution. FormAssembly helped Dharma Merchant Services up the productivity of their onboarding solution by replacing what once was a lengthy paper form and phone call process requires dozens of hours each month with a streamlined digital form solution. The result: Dharma was able to reduce time spent on the onboarding process by 78 percent.


5. Allow Easy Follow-up and Updating

Further on in the customer relationship, it’s important to keep your contact’s information up-to-date in your CRM. Not having the right phone number or email address can slow you down; or, worse, it can prevent you from continuing a smooth relationship with your customers, resulting in unhappiness or confusion on their part.

Look at how you’re currently following up with customers and gathering their most recent information. If you don’t have a process for regularly checking into the accuracy of your information, you need to create one that doesn’t double your workload.

Web forms work well for collecting information, and can also be configured to handle updating information. Sending links to pre-filled forms to clients to collect any information changes is much faster and easier than collecting new information and updating contact records in a piecemeal way.

Web forms are like a trusty sidekick for salespeople. The right form tool works reliably and quietly in the background, allowing you to shine at the selling activities that you do best.