This is an excerpt from our 17 Top Sales Trends for 2017.

Today’s B2B salespeople have it good. There’s an influx of easy-to-get, fairly accurate data and insights on the companies and contacts salespeople want to help. And because the information is so accessible, sales teams can really serve the marketplace. However, the influx has also led to information overload, demanding an always-on mentality that can cloud salespeople’s vision and become a distraction.

Big Data and analytics experts like Bernard Marr tell us:

  • By the year 2020, about 1.7MB of new information will get created every second for every human being on the planet
  • More data was created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race

headshot “All this knowledge about companies and people makes the world a lot smaller.”
Ralph Barsi | Senior Director, Global Demand Center at ServiceNow

When it comes to handling the breadth and depth of the data and intelligence landscape, Barsi suggests salespeople “Simply choose to focus. Otherwise,” he continues, “stay distracted, and develop an attention span that lasts eight seconds (a goldfish’s is nine seconds).”

Barsi is referring to the need for salespeople to make stronger connections with prospects: engaging in real, meaningful conversations and continuing those conversations long after prospects buy.

What next?

A smaller, tighter, and more connected world shouldn’t be just a boon to buyer-seller relations; it should also inform how companies engage with their sales teams.

At ServiceNow, Barsi’s organization spans the globe, with more than 100 sales development reps in seven different cities and regions. He built an in-house television channel that distributes enablement content to the entire sales development organization.

From instructional videos and interviews with customers, to weekly updates from around the organization, to features with executive leaders and top-performing salespeople, Barsi ensures the team benefits from a wealth of resources, tailor-made for the entire sales development force.

“Instead of getting overwhelmed by the flood of useful data and information,” Barsi says, “we embrace it and scale!”

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