The rise of the machines is coming to the sales process. Earlier this week – just hours before the kickoff of Oracle’s annual conference OpenWorld – Salesforce unveiled Salesforce Einstein, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution built to work seamlessly across Salesforce platforms. The introduction of AI to the Salesforce ecosystem provides a wide range of uses for sales and marketing teams.

But how, specifically, can sales leaders and their teams leverage AI to improve sales team performance and the customer experience? And how eager should sales leaders be about incorporating AI into the sales process?

Balancing Tech and Touchpoints

The most successful salespeople rely on a mix of automation and autonomy to learn about potential customers and provide the most effective solutions. By offering predictive analytics in-app, Salesforce Sales Cloud users can rely on Einstein to provide valuable insights into buyer behavior and craft a more personal customer experience.

Einstein might also boost the efficacy of other elements of a sales team’s tech stack. Combined with technology that automates the creation of sales documents and assets, salespeople can learn a wealth of information about their customers throughout the sales process.

Focusing on the Right Leads

Successfully performing a balancing act between tech and human intuition is important, but using that balance to choose the right prospects is critical. Just as AI can help salespeople determine how to engage prospects throughout the sales cycle, it can also save them valuable time by revealing which prospects would be the best long-term customers for their organizations.

By allowing technology like AI and predictive analytics to do the “heavy lifting” in the earliest stages of the sales cycle, sales and marketing teams can do more than simply weed out unlikely potential customers; they can discover the signals of long-term customer partnerships and incorporate that information into future prospect interactions.

Of course, the real question is whether sales teams will integrate Einstein into their everyday routines. Offering new technology – no matter how useful – is no guarantee that it will be adopted. But Salesforce is making it easy for sales teams to make Einstein help them work smarter and faster. No matter how Salesforce Einstein is received in its early days, the advent of AI technology will impact sales for years to come.