This is an excerpt from our 17 Top Sales Trends for 2017.

Just 20 years ago, email was an emerging communication medium. Today, email marketing is a billion-dollar industry, with dozens of companies vying for space in buyers’ inboxes. But it’s not the only way salespeople initiate contact with prospects: social media has become an important element of sales as well. The combination of phone calls, emails and social media messages has driven both prospects and salespeople to distraction – and some experts think it’s time for a new way to cut through the noise.

headshot “There’s so much sales technology and the buyer is overwhelmed. We talk about how many emails and phone calls we get every day and how social is so distracting. I think another medium will emerge that will help companies catch the attention of prospects where they’re not being contacted right now.”
Josh Schwartz | Director of Sales at Varsity Tutors

What next?

To capture the full attention of buyers, Schwartz suggests companies use existing tech in new ways. “Maybe it’s video or going back to snail mail,” he said. “To get somebody when they’re not distracted, whether that’s direct mail or text messaging – we have to make sure our messages are hyper-personalized.” And to move the needle, that means hyper-personalization at scale: using technology to create one-to-one connections with prospects and customers.

But sales must know its role in the process: to deliver messaging creatively, not to attempt to create it. “I think that in sales, we really need to stop trying to be marketers,” Schwartz said. “Al this email automation created an attitude of, “Hey, let’s try to do a million things terribly at once.” I think we’re going to see resistance and push-back because it doesn’t work to just shoot out a thousand emails. You’re not in marketing. You’re a salesperson.”

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