Back to basics.

Facebook changed its algorithm and consequently changed the game for publishers. The new algorithm favors posts from friends and family over promoted content, which doesn’t look like great news. Content posted by publishers will show up less prominently in news feeds, resulting in significantly less traffic to the hundreds of news media sites.

Armed and dangerous.

Pinterest is armed with a collection of new tools that could potentially be dangerous (for our wallets). With the help of your phone’s camera, you’ll be able to shop online for products you discovered offline.

Double the fun.

LinkedIn had two big announcements this week:

  1. The roll out of programmatic buying for display ads (which gives B2B marketers more flexibility in choosing their preferred platform to buy ads and the power to reach different target audiences on LinkedIn), and
  2. its product Dynamic Ads got a little makeover to help B2B marketers boost engagement with target audiences.

But wait!

There’s more. Not to be left out, Twitter introduced stickers for photos, which are reminiscent of Snapchat’s existing feature. The stickers can be searched like hashtags. Whether businesses will jump on board with this one… TBD.

Bye, accountants!

A startup called Smacc figured out how to automate your accounting using artificial intelligence.

Speaking of the devil…

Artificial intelligence is one of those things that both excites and scares people about the future. These tech TED Talks will do the same. The one about self-driving cars may raise these questions for you.

Stay tuned every Friday as we recap the week’s highlights, and feel free to share your two cents with us, too.