Salesforce Is Pretty Attractive

What does it take to attract and keep the best talent? LinkedIn decided to find out. After analyzing billions (yes, billions) of actions (job applications, engagement and new hire staying power) taken by more than 433 million LinkedIn members, the Salesforce insights team came up with blended scores that were used to compile the list of 40 top attractors of talent. With a big heart for philanthropy and employee wellness (the San Francisco office has designated meditation spaces and “mindfulness zones”), our partners at Salesforce ranked #2.

Another One: Tumblr Joins Facebook And Twitter With Its Live Video Feature

We’re in the midst of (yet another) season of change in social media: live video as marketing strategy. This week, Tumblr announced that its users will be able to “broadcast themselves into each other’s dashboards,” entrusting them to be “beautiful, compelling, and just generally Tumblr about this whole thing.” Users can now post videos live through YouNow, Kanvas, Upclose and YouTube.

Tumblr is a little late to the party, but better late than never. Twitter has been taking advantage of live video for a while now with Periscope (which played a huge part in the sit-in on the Congress floor), and this week, it announced that video tweets can now be 140 seconds rather than 30. Meanwhile, Facebook’s algorithm update from earlier this year has been pushing live videos higher up in your News Feed. And as of June 9, videos in comments are now a thing. All this to say, with the live video trend in full swing, we are well on our way to the post-digital age.

And The Secret To Selling Anything To Anybody…

… is not trying to sell just anything to just anybody. This, plus eight other commandments of selling gives salespeople a refreshing reminder that they are the “primary differentiator” in B2B purchases today.

Other lessons include the importance of:

  • Active listening;
  • Understanding the buyer;
  • Serving rather than selling;
  • And remembering that we’re all people here.

Starting today, we’ll be rounding up some links to the big news, events and trends of the week. Stay tuned every Friday as we recap the highlights, and feel free to share your two cents with us, too.