This is an excerpt from our 17 Top Sales Trends for 2017.

Now that sales leaders and their teams are focusing more on customer experience, the earliest stages of the sales process are getting more attention. That means salespeople will need to leverage information across departments to enhance personalization. Specifically, to create clearer pictures of prospects – which can also help them build strong relationships later in the cycle.

Marylou Tyler, CEO of Strategic Pipeline, believes using ideal prospect personas to identify the which prospects to pursue will become the norm for high-performing sales teams. “None of this dialing for dollars kind of thing, or casting a wide net in the hopes of getting somebody interested in what we have to say,” Tyler said. “It’s really about focusing on account-based selling, focusing on going after those whales and creating targeted campaigns that increase our conversion rates.”

headshot “The ability to exchange information and do it in a way that’s more intelligent and overlaying that with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence – I just think it’s going to be an easy touch.”
MaryLou Tyler | Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Pipeline

Sales tech like predictive analytics makes it easier for salespeople to collaborate with other departments and gather prospect data.

What next?

It’s clear that hyper-personalization is a part of the future of sales; but leveraging automation wherever possible can free salespeople to focus on fewer high quality accounts from start to finish. “Personalization gets heavier and more hyper as you move further into the pipeline,” Tyler said. “When you’re at the top, where you’re just trying to weed through who you’re going to start conversations with, I would leverage as much technology as possible. Sequencing and cadencing – there are tools that do that for you. We’ll have our core accounts, where we’re going to be using our account-based selling tools to make personalization painless.”

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