This is an excerpt from our 17 Top Sales Trends for 2017.

As sales and marketing teams prioritize collaborating and working as a single, seamless team, companies are realizing that a similar unified approach to technology can remove friction from the sales process. It’s a development that has sales and marketing leaders taking a new look at their existing tech stacks and determining how to streamline workflows throughout the buyer’s journey – both for buyers and sellers.

Alex Turner, director of sales development at Wrike, believes fragmentation is the enemy of productivity. Once a necessity of using effective technology, point solutions now offer less value than platforms that can address various stages of the buyer’s journey and beyond. “We’ve gotten to the point of tool overload,” Turner said. “So if you’re just a point solution, you’d better be solving the biggest burning fire in the history of a person’s business unit.”

A sales tech stack stuffed with tools can also cause confusion across an organization.”There’s a real problem with over-investment in too many tools and people lacking standardized processes across entire businesses, teams and departments,” said Turner.

headshot “With too many tools, people are free to do things in too many different ways. People right now are feeling a need to consolidate.”
Alex Turner | Director of Sales Development at Wrike

What next?

Consolidating tech across an organization is much easier said than done. But focusing on customer needs and buying habits – like knowing how many people might be on a buying committee – can help salespeople improve the way they engage with prospects. With approximately 4.3 internal colleagues involved in a complex deal according to CEB, providing a solution that solves a host of problems and partnering with an internal champion can improve chances of a deal closing. “Sales has to have a strong approach to change management,” said Turner. “You have to find out who signs up for trials of your product, who’s willing to carry that torch and be your champion.”

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