This is an excerpt from our 17 Top Sales Trends for 2017.

Data is helping salespeople drive meaningful conversations with prospects; through back-office systems like CRM, sales teams can create detailed prospect profiles. But what would happen if one of the world’s largest tech companies decided to get into the sales game? Or professional networks like LinkedIn joined forces with review sites like G2 Crowd? The power of big data could become even bigger – and some of the world’s biggest companies could become data superpowers.

Max Altschuler, founder and CEO of Sales Hacker, thinks that’s more than possible. “I think Google is going to buy one of those CRM companies that sits on top of Gmail and get into the sales arms race,” he said. “And then you might even see Salesforce getting into the email domain race.” The trend of consolidation doesn’t seem to be slowing, but the idea that larger companies could take over niche software markets is an intriguing one.

headshot “I think we’re going to start seeing these companies do aggressive roll ups of a lot of the technology that’s out there.”
Max Altschuler | Founder and CEO of Sales Hacker

What next?

Companies with access to rich data mines could provide both buyers and sellers with incredibly comprehensive information, easing the friction of decision-making, building better customer experiences, and predicting product fit. But instead of buying a list of technologies, companies (and their IT departments) will be able to choose from a single platform that serves a wide range of purposes. Salesforce is on its way to building such a platform with help from Einstein, the artificial intelligence element that serves as the foundation for each of its clouds.

“When your stack can talk to each other, that’s great,” Altschuler said. “But when you have one whole interface that allows you to give short commands and pull multiple pieces from your stack, that’s when things can get interesting and you have basically a mini-Jarvis from Iron Man.”

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