There is a great way to submit cases to Global Support – from within the Octiv platform! Why bother, you might ask? Good question! This method of case submission:

  • allows submission of cases right from the screen you’re working from – no more having to flip to your email
  • ensures Octiv has your most up-to-date contact information
  • informs the Support Analyst which browser you’re using
  • alerts Octiv to your business urgency of the situation and helps us prioritize any issues you may have outstanding
  • allows for screen prints and other attachments, as needed

To use this most efficient method of case submission, simply click the “? need help” button at the top right corner of your main Octiv screen (if you’re in a document, that button is on the middle right-hand side of your screen) and you’re well on your way to creating a new case for the support team to troubleshoot.

You’ll be presented with the following popup window; select “Support Center”:

Support Modal

You are now in the Support Portal, which looks like this…

Support Center

You have three options at this point:

  1. If your issue is of an urgent nature, give us a call at 844-906-2848; OR
  2. If you prefer a self-help approach, you can scroll through and/or search our knowledge base for information applicable to the issue at hand; OR
  3. You can click Submit a “Help Me” Ticket

Complete the ticket information and click “Submit Form”. The Octiv Global Support team will then jump into action, review the information provided and start the troubleshooting process.

Note: if our CRM tool has a duplicate contact record for your contact information, this form may throw an error on submission – while it’s rare, if that happen’s to you, simply call 844-906-2848 and a Global Support Agent will be there to help. 24 x 7.

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