In some instances, you may want an Octiv pricing table to show only products that have been selected in a form. You can make that happen by adding logic to your variables.

Note: Make sure you note capitalization of your variable; logic statements are case sensitive. Also, field names that pull over from Formstack replace spaces with underscore marks.

Follow these steps to add variables to a table:

  1. In Build view, search the Variables panel for the name of the field that includes your products. As an example, if you choose Installation (One Time Cost) and it includes the products Service Cost, Additional Computer Monitor, and Keyboard, selecting any of these products makes them appear under the variable Installation_One_Time_Cost.
  2. Click on the content to make the editing toolbar appear.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. From the dropdown menu, click Source Code.
  5. Find the tag for the row that includes all the columns of the first product you want to add logic to.
  6. Add your logic statement.

To test your logic statement, make sure that you are in a proposal with a completed form — not a template. Exit the source code (it auto-saves), and turn on preview with the toggle switch at the top of your Table of Contents panel.

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