Using this feature enables you to email your prospect a published proposal from within Salesforce.

Enabling Email

An Octiv System Administrator enables this feature from the Account Settings page by following these steps:

  1. Click Integrations.
  2. Choose Salesforce.
  3. Click the Email dropdown option.
  4. Check the box next to Enable Email.

The Email Template ID field allows you to auto-select an email template. An upcoming section shows you how to find the Email Template ID.

Using Email

After you’ve enabled email, anyone launching a proposal in Octiv will see an Email button. Clicking it will prompt Octiv to pull Primary Contact information from the Opportunity record.

Users have the option to select an email template or customize a message before sending.

Finding the Email Template ID

You find your Email Template ID from within Salesforce. Follow these steps:

  1. From the Setup view, click Administer.
  2. Choose Communication Templates.
  3. Choose Email Templates.
  4. Note the URL for that page. It ends with a string of numbers and letters approximately 15 characters long—your Email Template ID.
  5. Copy your Email Template ID and paste it in Octiv on the screen where you enabled email. (Account settings->Integrations->Salesforce).

Adding the Proposal URL and Access Code

If you’re using an email template, use either of these methods to include the Proposal URL and Access code in your email:

  • Before hitting the Email button, hit the Copy button and then paste the URL and Access code into a predetermined place in the chosen template.
  • Using the Event Data Tool, push the Proposal URL and Access code back to the Opportunity when you publish a document. After those fields are created on the Opportunity object, you can add them to an email template. The fields will populate when the document is published; when you launch the email, they will populate the template.

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