Control how your buttons and lists appear on your screen.

Note: An Octiv Related List enables you to link pages of content in Octiv to specific products in Salesforce so that you can add content to a proposal that is specific to a particular product simply by adding that product to the opportunity.

Follow these steps to edit the layout of your lists and buttons:

  1. On the top menu bar, navigate to the Opportunity screen and pick any existing Opportunity (or other launching Objects).
  2. Click the Edit Layout button in the upper right.
  3. Click Buttons and then add the two buttons labeled Add Existing Document and New Octiv Document.
  4. Click Related Lists and add the Octiv Documents list to your screen.
  5. When the list is in place, click the wrench icon just above the list title.
  6. Select the fields that you would like to add to the list, we recommend:
    • Document name
    • Created Date
    • Last Modified Date
    • Last Viewed
    • Status
    • Value
    • Views
  7. Choose how you’d like your list to be sorted.
  8. Click Save. You may be prompted to apply the changes; if so, click Yes.
  9. Add your Octiv Content Related List to your Product screen layout by clicking the Products tab.
  10. Select any Product.
  11. Click the Edit Layout button.
  12. Drag your Octiv Content Related List into Place.
  13. Click Save.

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