Auto-select template mapping matches a field value in Salesforce to the correct Octiv template. Just launch a proposal from a Salesforce object, and we bring up the right template for the job.

To turn on template mapping for your account, an Octiv system administrator follows these steps:

  1. From your Account Settings view, click Integrations and choose Salesforce.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to the section labeled Template Mapping.
  3. Choose an object you want your template to launch from.
  4. Select the field you want to reference and the value of the field.
  5. Select the template that you want to auto-select based on those settings.

You can select an object without choosing a field. Doing so prompts Octiv to pull your chosen template any time a proposal is launched from that object.

Templates are selected in order of specificity. So if you’re launching from an Opportunity and two mappings apply, Octiv chooses the more specific option. For example, if you have mapped a template to an opportunity and another template to an opportunity stage, Octiv pulls the template associated with the opportunity stage.

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