You can make content especially easy to find by creating custom search filters with search operators. If you regularly access a given employee’s accepted documents, for example, a custom search filter gets you there quickly every time.

Use these steps to build a custom search filter:

  1. From the Documents or Assets page, click Advanced under the search field.
  2. Use the buttons in the pop-up window to select the search parameters you want.
    • An Asset search enables you to search the file’s owner, type, tags, name, body content, or when it was updated
    • A Document search enables you to search acceptance status and date, document content, date created or published, description, name, owner, status, tags, type, or value
  3. Click Search
  4. Click Save in the search field.
  5. Name your search in the field on the left side of your screen.

You can access your Saved Searches from the Table of Contents panel when you’re in a document, and you can edit it by clicking on its name and then clicking on any of the defined search properties, which appear in the advanced search window.

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