If you’re a System Administrator, you can set up Manager and Report roles for users. Doing so defines the visibility of users’ private documents in Octiv, allowing users to see only documents that pertain to them or their direct reports and filter out documents they don’t need access to.

Here’s the breakdown of who can do what after they’re assigned a role:

  • Managers can filter the Dashboard/Document List by their Reports by searching for the document owner.
  • Reports do not have visibility to managers’ private documents.
  • Everyone can see public documents in the documents list.
  • A Manager can see Reports’ Proposals, even those set to Private.
  • A Report can have multiple Managers, and Managers can have multiple Reports.

Note: These steps pertain to clients using Octiv’s default Roles and Permissions. If you are using custom Roles and Permissions, things may be a little different.

Use these steps to configure Manager/Report hierarchies:

  1. Click Administration from your User Drop Down Menu (your avatar).
  2. Click Users.
  3. Choose the user you wish to set as a Manager/Report.
  4. The Relationships tab offers text boxes for you to assign Workgroups, Managers, and Reports.
  5. When you’ve made the relevant assignments, click Save

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