What’s going on with your documents? You can check in to find out—or stay on top of changes by choosing to be notified by email or text when a client opens a document, accepts a document, signs a document, and so on.

Note: Tracking data on documents is only available after a document has been published. It is account-wide and up to date when you view it.

Follow these steps to see your tracking data:

  1. From your Document List, click on the document you wish to view.
  2. Click Track along the Navigation Bar. You see the following data:
    • How many times the document has been viewed.
    • Who last viewed it.
    • Amount of time it was viewed (in minutes).
    • Age of the document.
  3. Click View Full Report to drill into the single document data. You will see further tracking data, including:
    • Document Status
    • Total Views
    • Total Value
    • Days to Close
    • Comments
    • Tabs that enable you to get details about
    • Recipients, including views, page views, and time spent
    • Content, including who’s viewing the page—and for how long
    • Activity, which provides a running list of what’s happening with the document

Note: You can also access tracking information by clicking the title of the document.

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