If you’ve integrated DocuSign into your Octiv account, you can require multiple signers to a proposal. And you can specify a signing order for your recipients.

Talk to your account manager if you’d like to integrate DocuSign.

Using the multiple-signer feature

A few things to note about requiring multiple signers:

  • When a document has multiple signers, each must use the direct authenticated links to access and accept the document. Going through the document’s login screen enables a signer to review the document but does not give signing access.
  • You can add recipients whose signature isn’t required. These recipients have read-only access.
  • If you check Require all signers for acceptance, the document is not considered accepted until all signers sign.
  • A document’s status changes to decline when any single signer declines.
  • The document’s owner gets an email notification when each signer accepts.

Adding multiple signers

Follow these steps to add multiple signers:

  1. Select the document you wish to add multiple signatures to.
  2. Click the Document tab.
  3. Publish your document.
  4. Click Require All Signers for Acceptance in the Document Properties.
  5. Click the People tab while in the Build View.
  6. Click Add New.
  7. Add your recipients. You have the option to set each as a signer, and to assign each a signing order.
  8. Add as many recipients as you wish, and set whatever order you want them to sign.
  9. Email your document from Octiv. If you don’t send it through Octiv, the feature won’t work.

Note: If a proposal includes post-acceptance forms, you’ll see a checkbox when you add signers to control whether that signer can fill out those forms.

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