New and Improved Variables: You asked, we listened! Users need a more accurate view of the final version of the document they’re working on, specifically what content is being populated via variable content (i.e. CRM data).

Set users up to win in 2018, with a great new feature: New and Improved Variables.

In editing mode, New and Improved Variables remove the presentation of {{curly brackets}} as placeholders for variable data. Instead, the value of the variable will appear with a yellow background to differentiate it from standard text in a document.

Added value & benefits:

  • Easier editing experience for users (reduce the need for Preview toggle!)
  • Increased adoption by utilizing a cleaner, more user-friendly editor
  • Decrease time to create a document, as users are working in a more finalized state of the document
  • New tools for admins to format variables, including dates, numbers, currency, links, and more

If you would like to discuss the process to enable this functionality in your account, please contact your Relationship Manager or reach out to

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