In-Line Commenting allows Contracts users and their clients to communicate back and forth immediately within their documents. This allows for better communication and more informed changes when you are working on your contracts. Additionally, this In-Line Commenting will drastically decrease the amount of email exchanges that take place between you and your clients because you will be able to communicate almost instantaneously through Octiv.

How to Utilize In-Line Commenting:

  1. Create and send your contract to your client.
  2. Your client can click the Change Request button.
  3. Highlight text/images or double-click an area of text/images and the Comment functionality will become available in the editing toolbar.
  4. Click the Comment button.
  5. Enter your comments within the pop up box that appears.
  6. Hit enter when you are done making your comments. Your comments will now appear on the right hand side of your contract.
  7. The contract owner will see these comments come through on the document, and they will be able to respond to them immediately. This allows for improved back and forth dialogue and editing.

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