In the Report Builder, you can sort the rows of a table by any field, using a number of different methods.

To sort a table:

  1. Click the sort icon. The Sort window appears. If the table is already sorted, the window shows the fields that are used.
  2. To add a field to sort on, double-click the field in Available Fields.
  3. The Available Fields panel now lists only fields that are not already in Sort On.
  4. Select one or more fields to sort by. You can also use Ctrl-click to select multiple fields.
  5. Click the right-facing arrow icon to Add Fields.
  6. To arrange the sorting precedence of the fields, select each field in the Sort window and click Move to top, Move up, Move down, or Move to bottom.
  7. To Remove a Field, select it and click the left-facing arrow icon.
  8. Click OK. The table updates to display the rows sorted by the selected fields.

You can also sort a table using the following methods:

  • Right-click a field in the Fields section of the Data Source Selection panel, and select Use for Sorting from the context menu. In this case, the table is sorted by a field that isn’t in the table; you may want to note the sorting fields in the title.
  • Right-click a column header on the Canvas of the Report View panel, and select Use for Sorting from the context menu.

If a column is already being used and you want to stop using it or change the sorting, right-click the column and select Change Sorting from the context menu.

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