The Octiv Report Builder supports the creation of views for various types of reports: tables, crosstabs, and charts. You intuitively interact with the editor to create these views by simply dragging and dropping elements.

The editor tool enables you to:

  • Add and summarize fields
  • Define groups
  • Label and title your report
  • Format data for each field
  • Explore and analyze data interactively

Opening the Report Builder

  1. Click the Build a New Report button to create a new report. This opens the Octiv Report Builder.
  2. In the data chooser: Choose your view type (Table, Chart, or Crosstab). Select the view that matches the type of report you want as your end result. You can change this later on while working with your view.

Finding information

The Octiv Report Builder contains the following panels, from left to right:

  • Data Source Selection, which contains the fields and measures available
  • Report Builder Editor, the main view design panel.
  • Filters, which define a subset of data to retrieve from the data source.

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