You can filter information in your view based on a date range relative to the current system date. You can accomplish this using date-based filters, and entering a text expression describing the relative date or date span you want to display, using the format +/-.

  • Keyword indicates the time span you want to use. Options include: DAY, WEEK, QUARTER, SEMI, and YEAR.
    • or – indicates whether the time span occurs before or after the chosen date.
  • Number indicates the number of the above-mentioned time spans you want to include in the filter.

For example, if you want to look at all Sales for the prior week, your expression would be: WEEK-1.

To create a relative date filter:

  1. Following the instructions in Using Filters, create a filter based on a date field. The filter appears in the Filters panel.
  2. In the filter’s first text entry box, enter an expression describing the relative date or date span you want to display.
  3. In the filter’s second text entry box, enter the date you want to base your filter on.

For instance, if you want to display all the sales numbers for the month prior to the current date, the expression in the first text entry box would say MONTH-1, and in the second box you would enter today’s date.

NOTE: When you right-click a group member in a crosstab and select Keep Only or Exclude, you create complex filters. When you create a filter against an inner group, the filter that appears may be created as a complex filter; a complex filter can’t be edited but it can be removed. Complex filters also appear in the Report Builder if a Data Chooser wizard filter was created and locked.

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