For Industry

Financial Services

Accuracy, speed and ease of use are top priorities for financial institutions. That's why they rely on Octiv to support transactional workflows from end to end, delivering a better online end-user experience for companies and the customers they serve.

  • Streamline the creation, collaboration and delivery of online documents
  • Author documents in any environment – Word, Excel or Google Docs
  • Derive valuable customer and prospect insights to personalize the customer experience
  • Eliminate user error and generate accurate documents, every time

Advanced Manufacturing

With Octiv, manufacturing companies can simplify complex channel/distributor workflows, eliminate process steps, reduce the number of applications users must navigate, and save valuable time for teams across the organization.

  • Span multiple applications, teams, geographies and languages
  • Standardize document workflows and maximize existing IT investments
  • Eliminate process steps, saves time, creates new efficiencies
  • Simplify complex, long-cycle workflows, channel-distributor workflows

Media and Entertainment

Octiv is ideal for the fast-paced, high-volume world of media and advertising. Companies with high-volume transactions rely on Octiv to reduce friction for end users by enabling easier content consumption, and delivering a seamless online experience.

  • Simplify the experience for sales teams and end users
  • Navigate high-volume, transactional workflows
  • Generate, collaborate and sign documents online
  • Collaborate on documents in real time

Before Octiv, Lindamood-Bell's enrollment process was offline and took days or weeks to close. Today, the entire process is online and enrollment takes just minutes.

Before Octiv, UnifyHR's reporting process took days to complete. With Octiv, reporting takes less than 30 minutes.

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