The Octiv team spoke to our director of inside sales, Scott Cramer, to talk about the best sales tips he’s received in his career. With more than 20 years of experience in executive-level sales management, Scott’s earned a wealth of knowledge about how to guide salespeople toward improving performance.

Despite his long and successful career, Scott is still devoted to learning how to be a better salesperson and a better manager. In the video below, he shares the best sales tip he’s received during his career in sales.

Scott mentions the Identity vs. Role (I/R) Theory, a key lesson he learned during Sandler Sales Training. I/R isn’t new, but its application to sales gives salespeople a way to accept and overcome routine challenges like objections.

“You start to separate your identity, which some people call their self-worth, from their role: your role as a salesperson, a husband, a father,” Scott said. “It taught me very quickly that you’re going to hear “no” a lot in sales – every day, all day – but not to take it personal.”

A salesperson’s ability to draw a line between his identity away from the bullpen and his various roles throughout the day can help him see how who we are and what we do are often two different things. It also provides insight on how the two influence each other.