With companies focused on accelerating both performance and scale, executives are turning to technology to streamline the sales process and close more deals faster. That means creating a tightly integrated sales tech stack to meet the needs of both the sales team and buyers at every stage of the sales cycle. We’re beginning to see that the modern sales stack consists of three key elements: CRM (most commonly Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics), intelligent sales material generation (Octiv for presentations, proposals and contracts) and electronic signature (DocuSign).

Why Eliminating Friction — and Paper — Closes Deals Faster

Although sales teams rely on solutions like CRM to keep track of deals, contact information and products quoted, there’s often a gap between the data collected in CRM and the sales materials that sales teams generate for buyers to view and execute. Octiv and DocuSign make that an efficient process, especially at the the most critical stage: creating accurate contracts online and capturing the final signature to close the deal.

Keith Krach, DocuSign CEO, saw early on how electronic signature could eliminate the friction that paper contracts cause. “Basically, think of wherever there’s paper, there’s a 9 out of 10 chance that we could get rid of it,” Krach told Business Insider. Getting rid of paper isn’t just a good business plan for DocuSign – it’s a move that delivers the kind of experience today’s always-online, mobile-dependent customers expect. By integrating Salesforce, Octiv and DocuSign, companies can create a seamless experience that makes it easy to create online sales proposals, presentations and contracts that enable sales teams to “kill paper” completely and bring the sales process entirely online.

Choosing the Right Technology to Scale

Sales teams create a sales tech stack to make it easy and efficient to use what they have discovered throughout the sales process to more predictably and reliably close deals faster. But when a sales tech stack includes too many disconnected apps, sales productivity suffers, adoption wanes and buyers are delivered a less than optimal experience. Unlike disjoined apps and a plethora of point solutions, a sales stack that includes Octiv, Salesforce and DocuSign delivers a seamless sales process for sales teams and the customers they serve.

Salespeople use Salesforce every day to collect, access and share valuable customer information. That’s why the Octiv-Salesforce-DocuSign solution is built to make it easy for salespeople to generate sales documents such as proposals, presentations, quotes and contracts using Octiv directly from Salesforce. And, with the Octiv-DocuSign integrated solution, customers can sign Octiv-powered documents anywhere, from any device using the power of DocuSign.

Creating a seamless, scalable sales tech stack is possible with the right solutions. Together, Octiv, Salesforce and DocuSign provides sales teams the power to close deals faster with an integrated solution that powers an efficient sales process and delivers insights and analytics at every step.