How much time do your salespeople actually spend selling? They need to provide accurate information quickly and efficiently to capitalize on a potential customer’s interest. Your sales document creation workflow might be cutting into the time your sales reps spend nurturing relationships and closing deals.

In fact, salespeople today are sometimes spending over half of their days on non-selling activities, such as administrative tasks and generating content. The sense of urgency they should be creating among their prospects is lost as they spend too much time copying and pasting data into documents and going back and forth in emails making changes to proposals and contracts.

The Case for Digital Document Generation illustrates how shifting the document generation process to digital can improve productivity and increase revenue. This whitepaper details the following solutions presented by digital document generation:

  • How document generation can impact a sales team’s productivity
  • Why timing is essential in sales and how digital document generation can impact it
  • How digital document generation can improve accuracy throughout the sales process

Want to learn how your approach to document generation can affect your sales team’s success and productivity? Download the whitepaper now.