One of my favorite topics to write about is hiring. I am deeply passionate about finding and sourcing the best people to build a successful team. There are a lot of traits I look for in a potential candidate, but it has less to do with a candidate’s resume than with their natural skill set.

That old phrase “sales fixes everything” is true; however, hiring can fix sales. Hiring the right sales team ensures that revenue is no longer an issue; instead, you’ll need to focus on how fast you want your company to grow.

Some positive sales traits are more obvious than others, but some are more obscure and harder to find. The following three traits are most often overlooked during the sales team hiring process. Although many sales leaders may miss these qualities, they’re what separate the top performers from the rest of the herd.


Stamina is the most underrated quality in sales. Getting beaten up and pushed around by prospects, sourcing new potential customers, winning big deals, and everything along the way can be exhausting.

Stamina is more than the ability to cope and fight. Stamina is the ability to keep fighting past the point where you are broken, because you know that your process works. It’s the ability to keep working hard past the point you consistently feel comfortable.

The top 1 percent of performers have no fear that what they are doing will take them to the next club trip. They know they will win and lose, but they are able to keep working, even when times get tough. They bring their A-game every day and work harder than everyone else.

Lack of Attachment

I’m not talking about personal lives; I’m talking about the way candidates see their role in a professional setting. They don’t get attached to deals, prospects or the product. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about all of those things. It means they understand that if they lose a deal, they must move on to another. If they leave a company, they are able to still hold a relationship with their coworkers because they care about them.

“Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary believes salespeople should be “kind, not nice.” The best salesperson I know has a tough exterior, but is the first one to call me if I need him – regardless of our battles in the bullpen during the workday.

The most successful salespeople value and practice kindness, not niceness. They perform with or without help. They also understand the importance of working as a team. The top salespeople find a way to make it happen, no matter how many challenges they face.


If candidates have the ability to market themselves and build a network, they will put it to work for your business. The top 1 percent of salespeople make it as easy as possible for you to find them.

This is why I truly believe the best salespeople write blog posts or are active on social media. They want people to know them, and they want to be recognized as experts before the true sales process even begins.Self-promoters put in the work to meet more people and expand their reach. They are their own marketing machines inside of your sales organization. Every action they perform is tactical and designed to drive demand. By promoting themselves, the best salespeople promote your company and product.

The best sales teams solve problems; looking for these three traits ensures that you hire a team full of problem solvers. Though these traits may seem rare, finding candidates that possess them can position your company – and your team members – for incredible growth.