Sales operations managers and directors are tasked with ensuring the sales organization is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. That’s a tall order, especially when this role involves juggling so many different activities, including developing the contract management process, sales reporting, sales tool management and acting as the sales liaison to other parts of the organization.

Watch the video below to meet Adam, a sales operations manager for a high growth organization, and see why he chose the Octiv solution to run his contract management process from start to finish.

With Octiv, sales operations managers can streamline all of the different elements of their position with one powerful platform. The Octiv solution can help define the sales process while providing structure and consistency in what content is being delivered, presented and signed by prospects and customers. It also provides sales reps with an automated solution that will assemble documents with the right content at the right time in the sales cycle.

Ultimately, Octiv aims to create a more effective sales team—by shortening sales cycles and enabling reps to close more deals.

Take a tour of the platform to learn more about how sales operations professionals can use Octiv to:

  • Increase sales productivity
  • Enhance sales team effectiveness
  • Automate contract management processes
  • Improve CRM adoption
  • Analyze sales performance