I’m excited to be joined again by Justin Smith of Siemens for a live webcast this Thursday, a reprise of a presentation we did at CEB back in October. CEB has done some important work developing the concept of “seller burden:” all of the things we put on the shoulders of sales that detract from their primary objective of making their number. This is a major problem that affects 100 percent of sales organizations, and it’s something we can change for the better.

In our talk, Justin and I will explore these solutions through a process lens – and more specifically, a workflow lens. The crux of our discussion will involve simplifying the seller experience and unburdening sales from some of the most unproductive tasks that make up their routines. When we examine the typical sales workflow, we see lots of opportunity to reduces steps, reduce interactions and simplify many of the processes (workflows) we ask sales to perform every day.

We’d love to help more sales professionals learn more about seller burden – or maybe even discover some validation of how you may already be addressing the challenge of seller burden. Click here and register to join us.